Spinnaker Tower


The Spinnaker Tower stands 170-metres (560 ft) over the Portsmouth coastline. It was built in 2005 and is the tallest accessible structure in the UK outside London. I managed to get this shot from across the Solent in Old Portsmouth. The two wooden posts at the bottom of the shot frame the reflection of the tower in the water and really bring the shot to life.



One of my favourite pictures that I took last new years at The Louvre in Paris. The tone of the photo gives the shot a vintage feel. It is a two hour queue to get into the world famous gallery which houses The Mona Lisa but luckily the surroundings offer lots of photo opportunities. Shot using Hipstamatic using my iPhone 4S.


Learn With Google


Today I am at the Learn With Google event at Google HQ in Central St Giles.

First thing to say is that the Google offices are absolutely fantastic. Located on the 9th floor the offices boast panoramic views of the London skyline. The rooftop terrace is particularly charming and provides a nice little sun trap in your lunch break.


Throughout the building there are a number of quirky features that you would expect from a google building. There is an Executive Google croquet set, a menacing dentists chair and a electric buzz where of course you have to navigate around the word Google.


Speaking of navigating around google.. During the Learn With Google event there are a number of keynotes covering Search, Display, Mobile and Data. The workshop provides marketers with an insight into what the California based company are working on next, as well as providing some useful tips into exiting features like Analytics.


What is clear is that Google are at the forefront of the way that company’s will communicate with their consumers and are sculpting and defining the way products and services will be bought and sold in the future.

As with most marketing talks these days the focus has been on the way consumer behaviour is changing with the development in technology. Many people for example operate using a wide range of devices in daily life. What is challenging for marketeers is attributing a value in each of these spaces and what percentage they contributed towards the consumer purchase. In many cases the customer journey is very complex and often over a number of weeks/months but what Google suggest is that some presence at all these ‘Moments that matter’ can help to manipulate consumer behaviour and ultimately increased the likelihood of a purchase.

Olympics 2012


Well what an Olympics it’s been. We are left in little doubt that the games were a resounding success. Following the Queens jubilee, London 2012 only added to the feel of community and pride in Britain. I was lucky enough to see the men’s cycling at Box Hill, near Dorking in Surrey. Although the event didn’t fruit any medals for Team GB it was a spectacular occasion. As the athletes ploughed through miles upon miles of English countryside one could seldom thing of a better setting for such an event. I managed to get this shot whilst lying on the asphalt in Box Hill. Although I very nearly got flattened by the hoard of cyclists it was worth it as I feel this shot really captures the drive of the athletes. Shot using my iPhone 4S.

Explosive Thoughts


Along the same theme as the last picture that I posted, this is another example of ‘Space Invader’s work that I found in Barcelona. This bomb is situated in the centre of the city on a half demolished wall. What is amazing is that the tiles are placed on plaster that is falling away meaning that the installation could easily be vandalised or removed. I suppose the fact that it still remains in tact shows that the Catalans love street art just as much as we do in the UK. Shot using iPhone 4S.

Space Invader


We have been roaming the streets of Barcelona today and what is clear is the quality and diversity of the cities street art. I managed to get this shot of a work by the french artist ‘Space Invader’ which is located on a small alleyway in central Barcelona. There are a number of other examples of his work in the city. Shot using iPhone 4S.



I managed to get this shot in Portsmouth Harbour. Sometimes you have to get close to the subject in order to get the shot. In this case it meant rolling up my trousers and getting very cold feet! Shot using iPhone 4S.

Above and Beyond


Earlier this year I went to see Above and Beyond at the Brixton Academy in London. It was an amazing night and a mind blowing performance from the trance act. I managed to shoot this image from the first floor balcony during their performance of ‘Sun and Moon’. It was shot using my iPhone 4 and is unedited.

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