Saatchi Gallery


I attended ‘Think Performance’ with Google this week which was hosted at the Saatchi gallery on Kings Road, London. This is one of my favourite installations. It comprises of a room half filled with engine oil that acts as a mirror. Fantastic concept by Richard Wilson.


Explosive Thoughts


Along the same theme as the last picture that I posted, this is another example of ‘Space Invader’s work that I found in Barcelona. This bomb is situated in the centre of the city on a half demolished wall. What is amazing is that the tiles are placed on plaster that is falling away meaning that the installation could easily be vandalised or removed. I suppose the fact that it still remains in tact shows that the Catalans love street art just as much as we do in the UK. Shot using iPhone 4S.

Damien Hirst @ The Tate Modern

As one of the most controversial and renowned artists of modern times Damien Hirst was always going to cause quite a stir when he announced he was bringing a large collection of his work to the Tate Modern on London’s south bank.

Damien Hirst @ The Tate Modern

Situated on the Thames by Millennium Bridge the Tate cuts quite a commanding share of the London skyline. The building looks industrial and somewhat menacing and one could seldom think of a more appropriate venue in which to exhibit Hirst’s work.

For the Love of God

Until 24 June 2012 in the Turbine hall on the bottom floor of the gallery you can see arguably Hirst’s most iconic piece entitled ‘For the Love of God’ completely free.

For the Love of God

‘For the Love of God’ is a sculpture which was produced in 2007. It consists of a platinum cast of a human skull encrusted with 8,601 flawless diamonds, including a pear-shaped pink diamond located in the forehead.

For the Love of God

The sculpture is exhibited in a large black container. The container has no lighting inside other than three spotlights that shine on the skull and piece really comes alive in this setting.

For the Love of God in the Turbine Hall

Main Exhibition

On the second floor of the gallery is the main exhibition of Hirst’s work.

“This is the first substantial survey of his work in a British institution and brings together key works from over twenty years. The exhibition includes iconic sculptures from his Natural History series, including The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991, in which he suspended a shark in formaldehyde. Also included are vitrines such as A Thousand Years from 1990, medicine cabinets, pill cabinets and instrument cabinets in addition to seminal paintings made throughout his career using butterflies and flies as well as spots and spins. The two-part installation In and Out of Love, not shown in its entirety since its creation in 1991 and Pharmacy 1992 are among the highlights of the exhibition.”(The Tate Website)

View from the upper gallery

The exhibition runs from 4 April – 9 September 2012. Tickets are priced at £14, concessions available.

For more information you can visit the Tate website here.

For a few years now i have been taking photographs and now finally my new photography site is now live.

It showcases a number of examples of my work that I have shot over the last few years.

They say

“The best camera is the one you have with you.”

and when I started to get into photography in early 2010 I initially shot using my iPhone. Although the quality of iphoneography sometimes isn’t great, most of the time when you see the subject for a great shot in daily life you don’t have your SLR to hand. Now with the advanced optics in both the iPhone 4S and the new iPad, you can take some high quality shots using the devices you always have with you. Having jumped on the Instagram bandwagon early on, I have grown a large following and I now have over 3000 people following my work on the widely publicised iPhone app.

This year i purchased a Nikon D3100 digital SLR and have been getting to grips with the camera ever since.

Check out my site for some of my recent shots and I will be adding more over the coming months.


You can visit my new site here.

Nikon D3100


I made this using my iPad 3 and the ‘Paper’ app that is available for free in the app store. The app allows any iPad user to sketch ideas/designs quickly and easily. It boasts a superb user interface.

You can download the app here.