St Ives


It’s been choppy this week and we have been staying in St Ives in Cornwall. I managed to shoot this in Penzance without getting blown away!


Saffron Hill

I took this shot this morning from just outside my office on Saffron Hill. London is full of photo opportunities, most of the time all you have to do is look up! I shot this on my iPhone 5 using Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram via my username: @olineal


Spinnaker Tower


The Spinnaker Tower stands 170-metres (560 ft) over the Portsmouth coastline. It was built in 2005 and is the tallest accessible structure in the UK outside London. I managed to get this shot from across the Solent in Old Portsmouth. The two wooden posts at the bottom of the shot frame the reflection of the tower in the water and really bring the shot to life.


One of my favourite pictures that I took last new years at The Louvre in Paris. The tone of the photo gives the shot a vintage feel. It is a two hour queue to get into the world famous gallery which houses The Mona Lisa but luckily the surroundings offer lots of photo opportunities. Shot using Hipstamatic using my iPhone 4S.


Explosive Thoughts


Along the same theme as the last picture that I posted, this is another example of ‘Space Invader’s work that I found in Barcelona. This bomb is situated in the centre of the city on a half demolished wall. What is amazing is that the tiles are placed on plaster that is falling away meaning that the installation could easily be vandalised or removed. I suppose the fact that it still remains in tact shows that the Catalans love street art just as much as we do in the UK. Shot using iPhone 4S.

Space Invader


We have been roaming the streets of Barcelona today and what is clear is the quality and diversity of the cities street art. I managed to get this shot of a work by the french artist ‘Space Invader’ which is located on a small alleyway in central Barcelona. There are a number of other examples of his work in the city. Shot using iPhone 4S.


Someone once said that “Brighton is London on the coast” and having recently visited the seaside town I can see why.

Brighton Wheel

The Brighton Wheel was erected in October 2011 on the seafront in Brighton and can be found just to the left of the main pier. For more information go to


Brighton reminded me a lot of Bristol due to the variety and the quality of the graffiti that colours the town.

Urban Outfitters

A photo i took of the Brighton branch of Urban Outfitters that was retweeted by the retailer. See here.