I went to the Tate Modern on the South Bank yesterday as it was a bank holiday. On the third floor there is a balcony that looks out across London. When we were up there we heard a guy busking and we realised it was Passenger.  Great free gig.



Standing tall


I saw this installation near the south bank on my way to a meeting. The buildings behind framed him quite nicely.

Saatchi Gallery


I attended ‘Think Performance’ with Google this week which was hosted at the Saatchi gallery on Kings Road, London. This is one of my favourite installations. It comprises of a room half filled with engine oil that acts as a mirror. Fantastic concept by Richard Wilson.


Last year me and my other half went to Paris for New Years Eve. This year, as per our commitment to spend New Years at a different european city every year, we chose to go to Berlin in Germany.




The city was a rich tapestry of culture and design and has clearly worked hard to move on from the stigma of the ‘Nazi’ regime over the past few decades. The city makes no excuses for its past and draws a line under an abhorrent time in German history. Some of the key landmarks are:

Checkpoint Charlie




Holocaust Memorial


One of my favourite places in Berlin was the Bauhaus Archiv situated by Tiergarten a short walk from the Reichstag building. As a keen admirer of the Bauhaus school of design it was fascinating to learn more about such a key influence on modern design and to see some original works by Marcel Breuer and and Walter Gropius up close.




A short walk from out hotel was a urban design company called the ‘Dudes Factory’ Their range of clothing, accessories and homeware was atypical of the design we has seen in the city and i have since ordered some products from them. They produce high quality products shipped to the UK. You can view their current range here.

iMessage down for some users…


Some of you may have noticed over the past 15-20 hours that iMessage has stopped working. It seems that this is a fault at Apple’s end and not device specific. This means that resetting your device will not rectify the issue and users will have to wait till the service is fixed before being able to see those little blue messages again.

You can read more about the issue here.

Source: Engadget

Microsoft Surface Ad – Is clever marketing hiding a poor product

Few could argue the commercial for the Microsoft Surface leaves you thinking there could be a viable alternative to the iPad, bridging the gap between tablet and laptop. However from recent reviews it seems this could be but a ploy to hide the poor performance of the device. Check out Business Insider’s review here.

By focusing on the aesthetics of the tablet and the ‘clickable’ keyboard Microsoft are distracting customers from the operating system or everyday functionality of the device.

Have you used a ‘Surface’ How do you feel the tablet performs?