Tweet From Rio


About a month ago after tweeting Rio Ferdinand with a picture of me in one of his hats he retweeted me. Pretty cool considering I am a massive Man Utd fan and season ticket holder.


Apple Special Event – October 2012

I got so engrossed in the live streaming of the latest event that I forgot to post a link to the event. Apple launched a number of new products during the event including iPad Mini and the Macbook Pro 13″ Retina. Anyway for those of you that haven’t seen it here is the event in full.

Microsoft Surface Ad – Is clever marketing hiding a poor product

Few could argue the commercial for the Microsoft Surface leaves you thinking there could be a viable alternative to the iPad, bridging the gap between tablet and laptop. However from recent reviews it seems this could be but a ploy to hide the poor performance of the device. Check out Business Insider’s review here.

By focusing on the aesthetics of the tablet and the ‘clickable’ keyboard Microsoft are distracting customers from the operating system or everyday functionality of the device.

Have you used a ‘Surface’ How do you feel the tablet performs?

iOS 6 released today

The wait is over…. At long last the latest version of Apples operating system will be released today.
iOS 6 will feature over 200 new tweaks and features. Based on Apples big iOS updates in the past iOS 6 should hit at 10am PT meaning UK users should be able to get the update at 6PM GMT.

Features of the free update include a new Apple ‘Maps’ app, Facebook integration, Siri for iPad, FaceTime over cellular network and much much more.

To read more about iOS 6 click here.

To update from your iPhone or iPad just go to Settings > General > Software Update. Alternatively you can update via iTunes on your PC or Mac. Be sure to ‘Back Up’ your device to iTunes or iCloud before you update to iOS 6.

The new iPhone 5

So, after months of anticipation and speculation the wait for the iPhone 5 is over. Tim Cook announced the new device in front of a packed audience with all the grace and charm you would expect from an Apple product launch.

So without further ado here is the device the world has been waiting for.
20120912-211229.jpgThe first thing to point out is the screen. As widely predicted the screen is bigger, the first time Apple have changed the screen size since the iPhones creation. However it is longer and not wider than most people had predicted. The iPhone 5 boasts a 4 inch retina screen meaning that the phone doesn’t feel oversized in your hand but still allows a lot more content to be displayed than on previous iPhones.

In addition to altering the screen size Apple have also worked tirelessly to make the device more ergonomic for owners. The iPhone 5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S.

Apple have created an all new A6 chip to power the new iPhone. This will not only double the performance of the phone but adds much need battery life, meaning owners will no longer have to carry their chargers with them wherever they go.

Replacing the iPhone ‘dock’ connected that has remains untouched since the original is the new ‘Lightening’ connector. The all digital connector is reversible meaning there is no wrong way to plug in the cable.

It’s not just the phone that has received a makeover, the traditional apple earphones are no more. They have been replaced by the all new ‘Earpods’. Whether the pods will be able to complete with some of the more expensive earphones remains to be seen but with improved sound and fit the ‘Earpods’ are sure to please many.


The iPhone will ship with iOS6 (previewed earlier this year) already installed. To read more about the new features of iOS6 click here.

For more information or to pre order visit the Apple store here.

iPhone 5 Announced Today

So the day is finally upon us! The Apple event which almost certainly will finally put pay to the speculation regarding the design and features of the iPhone 5. Those of you in London like me can follow the event from 6pm GMT.


Eagle eyes among you will have noticed that the Apple Store site is currently showing as ‘We’ll be back’ here, which can only mean that they are updating the site ready for the unveiling this evening.


So how can you follow the even if you weren’t lucky enough to have been invited. You can follow the launch on

Other sites that will be blogging live from the event are:




So watch this space because the next device you can’t live without is just around the corner….