Last year me and my other half went to Paris for New Years Eve. This year, as per our commitment to spend New Years at a different european city every year, we chose to go to Berlin in Germany.




The city was a rich tapestry of culture and design and has clearly worked hard to move on from the stigma of the ‘Nazi’ regime over the past few decades. The city makes no excuses for its past and draws a line under an abhorrent time in German history. Some of the key landmarks are:

Checkpoint Charlie




Holocaust Memorial


One of my favourite places in Berlin was the Bauhaus Archiv situated by Tiergarten a short walk from the Reichstag building. As a keen admirer of the Bauhaus school of design it was fascinating to learn more about such a key influence on modern design and to see some original works by Marcel Breuer and and Walter Gropius up close.




A short walk from out hotel was a urban design company called the ‘Dudes Factory’ Their range of clothing, accessories and homeware was atypical of the design we has seen in the city and i have since ordered some products from them. They produce high quality products shipped to the UK. You can view their current range here.


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