iPhone 5 Announced Today

So the day is finally upon us! The Apple event which almost certainly will finally put pay to the speculation regarding the design and features of the iPhone 5. Those of you in London like me can follow the event from 6pm GMT.


Eagle eyes among you will have noticed that the Apple Store site is currently showing as ‘We’ll be back’ here, which can only mean that they are updating the site ready for the unveiling this evening.


So how can you follow the even if you weren’t lucky enough to have been invited. You can follow the launch on www.olineal.co.uk.

Other sites that will be blogging live from the event are:




So watch this space because the next device you can’t live without is just around the corner….


6 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Announced Today

    • Yes, I cant wait. What features would you like to see? I think a bigger screen will be a vast improvement. I would also like further developments for the camera as I am a keen photographer!

      • I agree the larger screen would be great but based on the “leaks” they say it will only be a vertical stretch which I feel would be a little odd, can’t be 100% until the event thou.
        -But I def expect Camera Improvements (Love photography myself),
        -Ram boost and
        -just a overall smoother integrated experience.

        I was personally hoping for a new design, but I might be asking for too much now hah

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